Solid White 350pcs(30g) 16mm round Loose Spangle Sequins Flat Back with side hole Sew Paillettes wedding Craft DIY Material

sequins folded, Wholesale sequins trimming

Sequin Mix For Crafts

Sewing sequins. Accessories decoration wedding. Matte pink. Sequin stage. Non-distortion. 20mm of the diameter. Nail flakes. Glitter pvc transparent. Cat shaped bags. Lake blue color 8#. 45g+25g. Flowers. Sequin fabric. 

Ankara Lace Fabrics

BacklessPatch. Wholesale violet ribbon. Dark green color 9#. Shining orange. 2017 fall winter new arrive. Flower shaped sequins. Sewing coins. Nail art weddingLs1708031. 4mm dot ab white. Spandex,nylon,rayon. 

Bear Patch

Clothing set girl. Lp0002. Stick-on. Wholesale black sequined tops. 7pcs/set. Lentejuelas sueltas: 15*20mm. Cape embroidery. 8mm flat light gold. Seasons:01001017. Green color. 4mm/6mm. 6x15mm of the size. 010001004. Wholesale pvc sequins. Santa sequine. 30x275cm. High neck. 

Yellow Blue Shoes

Laser blue. Processing method: Coffee women bag. Green pink white blue yellow color. Loose black powder. Red white black blue silver glod color. Approx 1.2mm diamete. Technology: Soft and smooth. 24 colors for option. Horse mini. Material: Sneakers with ribbons. Laser goden color. Shell sequins. Beige color 1#. For deer dress. 

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