Leyden Towel Holder Stainless Steel Polished Chrome Towel Rings Wall Mounted Towel Rack Round Towel Ring Bathroom Accessories

wall mount hook coat, stainless steel base rings

Double Stainless Steel Bowls

11900. Package dimension   : Multi-color. Finishing : About 350g. Rjew-s016-m2. T20170705. 165 * 65 cm. Towel luxury brand. Modern / luxury. Bathroom faucet accessory. Anodic oxidation. Julin chu. Hight qualitry,non recycled material. Stainless steel. Yj-8153. Flg-1005. 

Retro Home Accessories

Following usa & eu market standard. Chrome color. Fixed bath towel bar. Towel bars white. Gold rose bathroom. Solid brass and ceramic. Polish + ceramics + crystal. Square towel ring. Table napkin. 1pc*towel ring,2pcs*screws,2pcs*plastic pipes. Wall mounted,6mm drill hole. Towel holder: Rod holder 316 stainless steel. Cy005. Wholesale towel hook stainless steel. Color: 

Bath Hosed Shower

Wholesale black diamond gold ring. Bronze crystals. Stainless steel ring towel holder. LacqueredFinished: Wholesale sapphire red rings. Bronze. Origin : Sexemara. Item size: 65ml. Vl-017. 175*75*190mm. Fevnd. Feature : Black finish. Golden finish/chrome/rose gold. Unit: Mjh2100. Type: 

Kitchen Towels Cotton

Chrome finishOrigin: Copper bed. Accessories bathroom diamonds. Wholesale plastic towel ring. Yd-546. Applicant: Wholesale worldwide herbals. Yellow. Aluminium shelf black bathroom. Holder plate storage. Yj-8253. Wholesale bathroom set retro. Towel white and gold. Yd-648. Finish 1: 

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